by Design Resources for Homelessness

By partnering with Design Resources for Homelessness, your organization can help ensure that future supportive housing, shelter and other facilities harness the power of interior environments to support effective recovery from homelessness.

Bringing care organizations and the A&D community together

The Design Resources for Homelessness international contact list reaches hundreds of advocacy organizations that operate supportive housing, day centers and shelters as well as architects and designers specifying products for the significant volume of supportive housing currently under construction-- as well as the 3000+ shelters in the United States alone. Its social media, blog, newsletters and website form a critical community of people dedicated to the homelessness and low-income institutional and housing sectors that can effect real change for people in crisis.

Download the Corporate Sponsorship Guide here.  

Partnership Types
Visionary           $5000/year
•   Homepage ‘visionary’ acknowledgment (large) with logo/link to DRH page with company bio
•   Logo and link on all newly released information content (i.e. case study, interviews, other)
•   Newsletter: logo in all issues (4x/year)
•   Blog: sponsorship acknowledged in 4 postings
•   Mention in post to social media, 1 each: Twitter, FaceBook and LinkedIn
•   Package of sample tweets and social media post content
•   Digital certificate and DRH logos acknowledgment in visionary partner’s literature

Advocate           $2500/year
•   Homepage ‘advocate’ acknowledgment with logo/link to advocate’s website
•   Newsletter: logo in 2 issues
•   Blog: sponsorship acknowledged in 2 postings
•   Digital certificate and DRH logos acknowledgment in advocate’s literature

Partner               $1000/year
•   Homepage ‘partner’ text acknowledgment with link to partner’s website
•   Newsletter: logo in 1 issue
•   Digital certificate and DRH logos acknowledgment in partner’s literature

Additional Information Product Sponsorships
You can choose to add these sponsorships to a sponsorship package or choose one or more of these product sponsorships without participating in packages.  For each, your organization is acknowledged in text and logo with link as a sponsor. Term length is perpetual as the acknowledgment is embedded in the content’s PDF, available from the website. 

$2000: Case study
$2000: Review of Research update
$1000:  Spotlight report
$1000:  Bibliography             
$750:    Database of Projects or Architects & Designers
$500:   Interview with an Expert    
$100:   Blog (6 entries)    
$100:   Great Idea